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This projects demonstrates how effective and successful implementation can bring immediate benefit to the client and open up long-term vision and growth potential for Front Arena. The client had subsequently increased their trust and focus with Front Arena as their core valuation system.

  • One of the largest hedge fund in the work with over $25 Billion AUM.
  • Full range of cross asset trading.
  • The client requested the migration away from old P&L attribution system based on Excel
Front Arena Components

PRIME | Trading Manager | ADFL | AEF | Arena Web |Arena BI | 

  • Reduce compute times
  • Enhanced platform for scaling
  • Improved easy of use
Project Delivery

Highly manual and inefficient processing.

Our team proposed a solution leveraging on core Front Arena P&L Attribution framework customized o clients needs.

No real-time P&L attribution platform in place, very slow response times and complexity of calculations done in Excel.

Performance issues addressed using PACE framework, where our team optimised and configured the required setup which improved the performance by x15 times.

Different valuation engines used for asset classes, not single place calculation engine and market data reference.

Implemented best practices of Front Arena valuation workflows.

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