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This projects demonstrates how deep experience and knowledge of our lead team enables projects to be completed in a very tight schedule with rapidly changing requirements in a complex environments

  • Large fund manager and large Front Arena Client
  • Core businesses based on Fund Management
  • Complex environment with a large number of Front Arena teams and components involved
Front Arena Components

AMAS | Trading Manager (Quotesheet) | PRIME |OMNI | AEF |AEF | AMBA |Automatic Quoting Engine

  • Flexible, Quick Delivery
  • Quality Solutions
  • Flexibility and Control
Project Delivery

Client wants to setup structured products for its asset management branch

Our team developed an entire quoting engine in Front Arena for its newly developed structured products.

Clients wanted a high-performant solution to quote its structured products

A new approach (at that time) using a quote server was implemented. This required lots of changes in ADFL and a lot of safety rules had to be implemented.

Client wanted to get into the Structured products business

All had to be developed from scratch and the setup was a full success which helped the client to increase his total earnings.

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