New Updates On Meg Deployment Toolkit

New updates on Meg Deployment Toolkit

Recently, we have improved important functionality of our platform. We gave special effort to the logic of the “Diff Test” module and test automation.

Automation Tests

We took your wishes into account and added the ability to edit the main schedule parameters. Now you can add and edit the list of automated tests directly in the schedule.


Tests details

We have improved the logic for running automated tests. Now important details are determined automatically when running tests so that the test result is relevant at the time of launch


Tests History

We have improved the test history so that the system now analyzes test configurations and groups them. Now you can conveniently navigate between tests launched at different times, as well as track all changes in test results.


Performance optimization

One of the priorities in this release was to optimize the speed of loading data and complex processes.  We were able to solve this problem by analyzing the application architecture and refactoring the code. Now the application works faster and better

Unified Time Format

We have fixed the time format throughout the application and now the time is shown in a single format that adapts to your region and country.


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