DocsStream – OTC PostTrade Automation

DocsStream – OTC PostTrade Automation

An elegant technological solution to automating, streamlining and bringing agility to the world of OTC trade processing.


01. Lack of automation of OTC trade processing.

The workflows of OTC confirmations are often broken, inefficient and increasingly manual, requiring resources and time to process.

02. Inefficient and fragmented workflows.

Manual processes, broken workflows and various platforms, create chaos, less effective work and inefficient collaboration between various teams.

03. Task Board

More automation, means less manual processing, less human error, lower costs and more accuracy.

04. Ineffective and broken communication

Lack of automation and single platform, creates substantial risks for communication between teams and internal and external counterparties.

05. Increased operational risks and costs

Less manual work and more automated processes contribute to increased operational compliance and reduces risks and costs of errors.

06. Multiple systems usage

Different systems, broken communications and no single system of truth, contribute to human errors, difficulty of maintaining several systems, inefficiencies between teams and increased costs of oversight.

Our Solutions

01. Seamless Confirmations Review

DocsStream automatically reviews otc confirmations and approves if no problems are identified.

02. Integrated workflows & STP processing

Smart worksflow that allows frictionless communication and collaboration between teams. Say no to costly manual processes & to never ending email trails.

03. Template Designerg

Design your own templates or simply upload templates you have, and system will auto match against assigned confirms.

04. AI powered platform

DocsStream technology understands any text, contract or confirmation regardless of form or phrasing and can compare against your company’s policy or legal templates.

05. Reconciliation capabilities

Automatic tick back of paper confirmations against all trading systems and highlighting breaks. Our APIs are configured to support plugins to industry common systems such as Front Arena, Murex, Calypso

06. Statistics & Reporting

Real time dashboards, periodic reporting capabilities, exception
monitoring and configurable stats reports.

otc cover


01. Reach the clouds

Our web-based platform can be deployed on the cloud or on premises

02. Risk Reduction

Reduce risk profile for teams
and entire organization.

03. Lower Costs

Cut costs, eliminate inefficient allocation of resources & make efficiency gains.

04. Dream Team

Smoother confirmations review process with less glitches and more effective communications across teams.

05. No Human Error

AI powered platform that combined with human intelligence can detect and highlight mistakes, errors & mismatches.

06. Your Teams best friend

Design your own templates or simply upload templates you have, and system will auto match against assigned confirms.

07. Experienced Engineering

Access to 50+ world class developers & engineers with a fraction of a cost in comparison to UK’s average.

08. Messaging

Built in messaging capabilities to communicate with colleagues and send out emails to counterparties

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